Free Day!

Holy Mackeral! It's raining. It's pouring. The old man must be snoring. A noreaster is blowin' thru the NE and school and therefore work was cancelled.

So, it's a free day for meeeeeeeeeeee! I love free days. I've been creating all day. Making cards and even a couple of layouts.

Tell me why I live here again? Oh, yah, sweet hubby has his feet firmly planted in NY.

I'm craving me some sunshine. So, I leave you with some palm trees. Enjoy!


Susan said…
hang on to your hat Mo...that wind sounds nasty!
Hope its over soon and you can return to your normally scheduled springtime!
Im enjoying a free day myself today
Anonymous said…
I read they expected that noreaster to stay put. Keep safe, and happy creating!

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