End of Vacation

I have had such a great time this vacation. We had lazy days and productive days and just for fun days. I get so used to my kiddos being home that I really get down about them going back to school.

Today I have been sulking around thinking about them going back tomorrow. Natty asked me why I looked like this (insert pouty face)? I told her I wish you guys could stay home everyday. So, in her cute little voice she says to me but then we (her and Dylan) wouldn't know how to do stuff so we could get a job and live. ;)

I think I don't like the prospect of being alone after I've gotten used to having people around all the time. I get this way on Sundays too. I really suffer with this but don't know how to not get this way each and every Sunday or at the end of every vacation.

Stew suggested that I look forward to all the projects I want to get done. So, I gave it a try. I thought about going to the gym and then coming home and cleaning out my Lazy Susan that I use for my spice rack....ummm, didn't quite work. Not quite saving the world type stuff.

But, maybe that's not what I'm here for. I just think I need to look for inspiration in my everyday life, in the home that I make for my family, the meals I cook for them, the nuture I provide them.

Hopefully, I can be inspired enough not to be so sad when they go off to work and school on Monday. I mean, isn't that what is supposed to happen? And, I should just be happy that I can be there for them when they get home. :)


Melodee said…
awwwww I know what you mean Mo...there is notihg better than having those sweet little bodies all snug in our arms, with their soft hair tickleing our cheeks...I miss Drewie so much this year now that he is in first grade...STOP IT...lol..you are making me sad also! lol

Drewie has this week off so next monday you may find a post just like this on my blog! :(
Suzelle said…
Oh Mo....you are such a sweet Mommy.....lucky kids :) I also miss my kids when they go back to school. It does help me that they love school so much and love being around their friends. They are usually very ready to go back !!

Hang in there girl....hugs.....
Reen said…
I know just how you feel. I get that way sometimes too. I combat it by planning someplace to be...a favorite hang out like the bookstore, library, a walk around the block. It makes me look forward to the separation, if I can celebrate the solitude. It's good for the sole to just have time alone, so enjoy it. You'll be off to work yourself soon and won't have as much time for just you anymore, so celebrate it with a fave place to be :)
Love you, reen

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