Cropping All Day

So, I am recovering from scrapbooking all day yesterday. What GREAT FUN! I laughed and ate and even managed to create 10 layouts, a heart door hanger, a card and alter a Maya Road heart chipboard book.

Time has never gone so fast. I got there at 9 am and in a flash it was midnight and time to pack up. I guess it's true that time flies when you are having fun.

Here are a couple I did yesterday. I have a couple of two pagers too. But, I am waiting for Jilly to stitch them together for me. :D

Oh, and I plan on going to the next one in March.

But, now I have the daunting task of putting it all back in my room....Ugh! This could take days. :O


Suzelle said…
You lasted til midnight...way to go girl !!!! Darling layouts !!!!! Can't wait to see the door hanger :)
Reen said…
Pretty layouts Mo! So glad you had a great time, sounds like my kind of fun!
Cheryl said…
Oh I love those layouts - the colours are so rich and your pics just POP off the pages!

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