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So, last night I could not wait for the new epi of Laguna. The thing between Cameron and Tessa was so hyped. So hyped that I was apt to be disappointed. And, I was. I guess you can't fit it all in a half hour.

MTV, if you are reading this, that show needs to be longer!!!!! :)

But, they always get me with the coming attractions. And next week's coming attractions were killer! It looks like Tessa gets dissed and Cameron is with Jess.

Now, I know lots of you people don't like Jess. But, I do. I think that poor girl has gotten the short end of the stick for too long! She needs someone to pick her for once! Go Jess! Besides, Tessa and Chase are destined to be together anyway...

And, why on earth are Cameron's friends so amped to get him away from Jess. They all say she's a nice girl but you need to break loose form her. For what reason?

Can you tell that I absolutely LOVE that show? I love the drama, the clothes, the scenery and their own little cute language.

I actually have fallen in love with the word random. And, the way they slip it in normal sentences kills me!!! ROTFL!!!!!!!

So, now I must wait another week for my Laguna fix. I'm not sure I can hold out. Wish me luck! ;)



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