Ho Hum

Feeling a bit bored with the daily grind lately. Ho Hum.

Don't know how to mix it up tho. Ho Hum.

Coffee with the girls would be nice but everyone has such hectic schedules that it just doesn't happen. Ho Hum.

I'd like to sit and scrap all day but then I pay for it the next day with all the chores I neglected in order to scrap. Ho Hum.

The gym is not just calling my name, it's frickin screaming....RAMONA!!! GET BACK HERE!!!!!! But, here I sit vegging in front of the puter. Ho Hum.

I need a good swift kick in the rear these days to do anything. WTH?

Anybody care to share some pearls of wisdom. I can't seem to figure it out???

I truly had no idea that life could be so...ho hum! :(


I have has periods like that - where the routine stuff is just so boring! What about taking a class? I just signed up for one in PSE at the local community college!
Cheryl said…
I totally have days (weeks) like that occasionally and I usually just ride it out and eventually I get "excited" about day to day life again :)
Suz said…
I totally have Ho-Hum days. I just try to think of something fun to do or some place fun to go :)
Reen said…
I usually head to the library or the bookstore on Ho Hum days. I love to hang out and read a magazine or get a new book. Recently read the "National Geographic Field Guide" on photog. Also picked up an "Art Photography" book, kind fun!

Next time you make dinner, make enough for two nights so you don't have to cook. I like making a double batch of stuff, especially lasagna or taco fixins. They are perfect for a big batch. Get the chores outta the way and then you have tons of time to scrap and you won't have to stop to make dinner.

Love ya!
Anonymous said…
I'm so with you!!! Durning periods like this, I decided to "do what I want to do," that way, I atleast do *something*!

And, sometimes, that is scrapping all day, sometimes it is (shhhh...) watching tv all day, sometimes reading all day, sometimes something more productive like working in the yard or something. But, when I "don't feel like doing" what I need to do... I "do what I want to do." Works for me some days.

Some days, though, are ho-hum. Then, I might just sleep all day. :)

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