First Picks of the Season

It's apple picking time. It's the very beginning of the season but it's starting already. I've been in a funk lately with summer being alomst over and school starting again. So, my hubby has been getting me out of the house in an effort to snap me out of it.

Sunday we went to a really huge outdoor flea market and ate crab cake sandwiches for lunch. And yesterday we went to one of our favorite local orchards to pick some apples.

There were only two varities, jonamac and macintosh, but we managed to pick two bag fulls. I guess I'll be making an apple crisp this week and putting them in the kiddos lunch boxes. You know what they apple a day, keeps the doctor away. :)



Shirley said…
Suzelle said…
reen said…
How fun! What a great way to spend a day :)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll be over with a gallon of vanilla ice cream!

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