Scarecrow Crunch

A couple of days ago, Andrea from posted a blog entry where she created this super cute snack idea she did with her kiddos. It had math and sorting and following directions and it looked FUN! I immediately thought about how much my preschoolers would love doing it too.

On Fridays, we usually do something food related. We always try to incorporate learning in there as well. Counting, sorting, measuring, taking turns, etc...

I made a few adjustments and called our snack mix Scarecrow Crunch. Here are some photos I took...

I created bag toppers becaues I'm a crafter at heart and it's what I do. LOL!

Then to keep the mess to a minimum, I put the snack size plastic bags inside cups labeled with each child's name on it. Another learning tool ... name recognition. Each child had to find the cup with his or her name on it.

Then I organized the ingredients on brown butcher paper and put the number (the amount of each snack ingredient) directly under each one. I didn't use bowls just for ease of cleanup. ;)

Here are their little hands getting down to business. :)

The finished product!

Oh my goodness! It was a winner! The kids loved making it so much that I think I might just do it again. A Valentine's Day mix would be so CUTE!

If you haven't checked out Andrea's amazing blog, You must! She posts delicious recipes, fabulous craft ideas, cute outfits, festive decor and her kiddos are absolutely ADORABLE! A huge THANK YOU Andrea! :)


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