Snow Day Project Life

What do you do on a snow day? I do laundry and scrapbook.

On Thursday, we got hit with a blizzard here in New York. It was a bizarre two days of weather. On Wednesday it was sunny and in the 60's and on Thursday we got 12.5 inches of snow and white out conditions.

So, this is how the day went... Throw in a load of laundry. Sit on the couch. Create a scrapbook page using Becky Higgins Project Life app. Rinse. Repeat.

I like to use the app on my Ipad more than my phone because it is bigger and easier to type, etc.

I created several pages. Here ya go:

This is all about our day at the San Genarro Festival:

My son is a freshman at Binghamton University. I have him send me photos of events and activities that he attends. I scrapbook them for him so he will have the memories preserved and it helps me feel closer to him while he's away. :)

This page is about a school basketball game his girlfriend and he attended.

The next 3 pages are from when my husband took Dylan to see The Rolling Stones Exhibit in NYC.

My baby cousin turned 21 last month and the whole family got together to celebrate. These two pages are a compilation of just some of the many photos I took during the celebration. :)

For my birthday in December, we went out to eat just us four to Angelo's in Ridge Hill. We had never eaten there before. It was so good! If you are local, I highly recommend it.

And, lastly, I created a graduation page documenting my son's high school graduation.

Phew, I guess I really was productive during the blizzard. Now, to get them printed. That is another thing I love about the app. You can print right from your phone or Ipad right in the app! There is no need to upload it! I usually wait until I have about 10 pages to print to make the shipping worth my while. :)


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