My Beauty Routine

If that's what you want to call it, consists of washing my face and applying moisturizer. Seriously, I am a girly girl in just about every way except when it comes to my beauty. I am definitely low maintenance. I hardly wear make up especially in the summer months but I never leave the house without lipstick.

To cleanse, I use the 3 step routine from Proactiv. It has kept me blemish free for years and I don't plan on changing a thing. LOL

My favorite moisturizer is Oil of Olay. I have been using it since I was a teenager. My grandma told me to use it and boy I am glad I listened. It has done wonders for keeping my skin looking young.

Sometimes in the winter, I will need a little bit of something under my eyes. I use this by Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. It also has spf 20.

Now for the fun part, my lipstick. I am obsessed with lipstick and I never leave home without it on. My favorite color is red and my favorite red lipstick is relentlessly red by MAC Cosmetics. It's more of a pinky red than a traditional red.

Hands down, my favorite lipstick has to be from Forever 21. It's vibrant, goes on smoothly and stays on all day. And it's inexpensive. Gotta love that. Here I am wearing my favorite lipstick from Forever 21. It's called Hot Pink.

In the fall and winter months, I tend to wear a lot of plum colored lipstick. This one is also from Forever 21. :)

And lately I've been on a paler lips look. This is by Loreal and I love it!!!! It is my current favorite.

And there you have my simplified beauty routine. I can't wait to read some of yours and learn a thing or two. ;)


I never knew Forever 21 made lipstick! I'm definitely going to have to check that out next time I'm at the mall :)
Laura said…
I'm a BIG fan of red and pink lipstick, too! I just can't do the neutral thing with my skin tone. I'll have to check out your MAC red and other colors from Forever21. I wear MAC's "MAC Red" with one of their glosses over it.
Gretchen Braun said…
Ohh what lipstick is the last one? It looks like the perfect color! And I also love that works great and doesn't break me out!
Ramona said…
Gretchen, the lipstick in my last photo is L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lip Balm in Tender Mauve. I picked it up at Target. Thanks for stopping by!
Ramona said…
Laura, I'm going to check out that MAC Red next time I'm at the mall. Can never have too many red lipsticks in my opinion. ;) Thanks for stopping by! :)
Ramona said…
Randitions by Randi, I didn't know Forever 21 had them either until just last year. I was shopping with my teen and she pointed them out to me. LOL. Have fun lipstick shopping and thanks for stopping by! :)
Lauren McGreevy said…
Okay, several things...1) I love that you're a lipstick girl like me! Lipstick changes a whole outfit from good to great! 2) MAC lipstick is my absolute favorite. I'm planning on doing a beauty series soon and MAC lipsticks will be included!! 3) Forever 21 has good lipstick!?!?! Their stuff is cute but usually the quality sucks so I'm surprised that their lipstick is good! Have a great day!

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