Digital Project Life

I am a die-hard paper crafter. I like to touch the product as I'm making things. And, that includes my scrapbook projects.

However, life lately has been so busy that I cannot carve out enough time to sit down and scrap the enormous amount of photos that I take.

So, a couple of months ago Becky Higgins was having a sale. Her project life app was only $.99. I decided to give it a try.

Here's what I've come up so far ...

With all this snow we've been having, I needed some sun in my life So, I decided to scrap some summer memories. Look how tan I was!?

Then I came back to reality and scrapped some Christmas memories. Every year since my daughter was 2, she is now 14, we have cut our own Christmas tree at a farm with our friends the Nemeceks. It is my favorite part of the holiday season. Each year there is some new memory made that we talk about for years to come. The adults vowed to keep this tradition going even when the kids were out of the house. ;)

Here are pages from last year and this year ...



My friend Karen and I have a blog where we talk about style and fashion At the end of every month, we post about some of our favorite looks. Project Life is a perfect way to document those outfits. I think it will be kind of fun for our kids and grandkids to see what the styles were back in the dark ages. ;)

And here are a couple of random pages I completed...

BBQ Fest


These are as easy as it seems. I just drag and drop my photos into a template, choose filler designs and journal. Voila, memories preserved. Next feat is actually printing them out. Baby steps. :)


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