Project Life

Back in the day, I used to scrapbook and forgo meals and personal hygiene. The kids were young. Their idea of a good dinner was a corndog or chicken nuggets. Hubby was always working late. I went to crops at the lss and even hosted them once a week at my house. I used to call my camera my third arm.

Then something happened. I went to work as a preschool teacher. My mornings without the kiddos were now occupied. Then the afternoons got filled with baseball, soccer and scouts, etc. I found myself scrapping less and less. But I still was taking photos like crazy.

That is exactly when Ms. Becky Higgins created this brilliant concept called Project Life. It's scrapping without all the fuss and muss. Its taking all your precious photos and adding gorgeous artwork and getting them into books that people can actually look at. Oh My!

So, I bought the very first kit and I made a couple of pages. Then a few months go by and nothing. Now all these amazing Project Life kits are coming out. The designs in each kit are so different and unique. I bought two more (Jade and Olive if you must know). Again, months go by and I can hear the crickets taking root in my craft room.

Now we are at the summer of 2013 and while sitting on the beach sunning my bum, it hits me that I need to refocus. Do more of what I like. Stop making excuses and make time for the things that are important to me. Beside my family, that is preserving our family memories. And what better way than to dust off my Project Life kits and get cracking. I love that I can complete several layouts in 1/8th of the time that it used to take me to do one layout. And they look just as amazing.

This is one of my layouts using the Olive Edition. It showcases my favorite things about Florida besides the beach and the heat...the flowers and the palm trees. Enjoy!


So happy to see you blogging....and scrapping! You are my inspiration!

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