Thursday, July 01, 2010

It is an addiction

It has been passed down from mother to daughter.




My Mom's nickname in our family is, in fact, Imelda as in Imelda Marcos. My Mom has a shoe collection that rivals hers for sure. It's just too bad that she is a size 9 and I am a 7. Because, if I like a shoe enough, I have been known to wear an 8. ;)

So, on Saturday, at my cousin's graduation party, my Mom says I have something for you. I said...oh really? She said I bought myself a Coach bag and it is really not me. It's too wild. I said bring it on!

Indeed it is funky but with an ensemble of solid colors, I think it adds just the perfect amount of punch. And it was free so I love it even more.

And, DH says you cannot wear that when you are with me. It is hideous. I'm still trying to decide if that is a pro or a con. :O

What's the verdict?


Karen said...

Ahhh! I love it!!! What a nice mom you have. My mom passed her love of shopping down to me too. :)

Suzelle said...

I think it is darling. How FUN for summer !!!!!!

Silly Stew :)

Susan said...

keep it! your right, with the right outfit, like hot pink or adds just the punch.

Val said...

I truly have the same addiction problem and I LOVE IT!! HA, That bag your mom gave you is awesome.

Danette said...

I say it's coach. You cannot go wrong!!! I love it!

Tracy said...

Way to go, Mo!