Christmas in July

I know. I know. Christmas presents in July?? Yes, indeed. I cannot pass up a cute little gift for all the tea in China. So, while I was on the way to take Natalie to use the restroom in TJ Maxx, these adorable photo clutch wallets caught my eye. I thought to myself ... oh, wouldn't they make a cute little Christmas gift!? They were only $6.99 and I could fill them up with photos to make them extra personal. Here's what I got:

One for my Mom.

One for my sister.

One for my Aunt Joanne.

And I couldn't resist this one just for me. It matches my very favorite hot pink patent Coach bag. ;)


Suzelle said…
DARLING !!!!!!
Tracy said…
Ooh...I may have to see if my TJ Maxx has them too...Fun!
Karen said…
Perfect gifts!!! You are brilliant to start thinking about Christmas. :)
Yankee said…
Love those.
April Pizana said…
So smart to be thinking ahead. I am going to try to start doing some V-day stuff now (in January). *TRY* i said! i bet these were adored!

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