On May 30th, Dylan turned 12. I am now the Mom of a 12 year old. Boy, time does sure fly by when you are having fun. :)

We celebrated with family in our yard. We had a big ol' BBQ, played games and had a marvelous day.

Some shots of the birthday boy with family members. :)

And would you look at my beautiful 3 layer star cake. I made a red velvet cake as per the birthday boy's request. And I used my Martha Stewart cake molds. They worked fabulously. Of course! :)

Here is my boy blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. :)

Finally, a couple fo presents. He's already cleaned and smoothed some rocks. Now we are on to the polishing stage. It only takes 8 days. :O Thanks Aunt Lisa! ;)


Karen said…
Ahh!! What a handsome fella. We've got to get Dylan and Kayleigh together. ;) Love your cake!! I'm going to attempt a red velvet cake this summer. Looks like Dylan had a fantastic birthday. BTW, you are WAY too young to have a 12 year old.
Suzelle said…
So sweet :) Your cake rocks girl !!!!

Okay....how funny is this...Claire's cake was a red velvet cake. She made it herself. Is that a 12 year old thing....red velvet ??
Susan said…
that cake is amazing Mo!!! Im so impressed. I've never tried red velvet cake, but I love the name. Dylan is such a handsome guy.

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