Easter Photos!!

I love Easter. It is my favorite holiday. So, it is the one I host. We have my whole family come over and we eat, drink and hunt for eggs. This year, the weather could not have been better. It was sunny and warm. :)

Our Easter festivities started on Saturday afternoon with our annual egg dyeing. I was so happy that it was warm enough that we could dye them outside. :)

Some shots of our dyed eggs. We tried the tie dye kit from Paas and they didn't quite turn out as we had hoped so we ended up just dipping some eggs in the dye.

This year, I had it easy as Stew grilled all the main courses. He was so proud of his brisket that he took a photo of it. LOL! I was in charge of appetizers, sides and desserts which was fine by me. ;)

Here is a group shot of the kids after they hunted for eggs in my yard. :)

For dessert one of the things I made was Easter Bunny pops! I got the idea from this fabulous blog called eighteen25. You should check it out. They have fabulous easy to do projects like these! :) They are rice krispie treats dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with icing. They were a big hit with the kids. :)

Until next year.


Suzelle said…
Great pics Mo !! Look at the awesome weather..yea for you :)

Those bunny pops are so cute !!
Tracy said…
Love the sweet boys standing arm in arm! Looks like a GREAT Easter...& that photo of the brisket is making me drool!
Susan said…
Stew had a right to be proud of that brisket...my mouth is watering. Those bunny pops, adorable!

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