Dylan is a BRAVE!!!

I have been waiting for this day since Kindergarten T Ball. He has been on the Royals, Red Sox, Indians, Angels, Dodgers...almost every team they have in our town league but the Braves. So, when the e mail came in saying he was on the Braves, I literally started screaming. This is a big deal to the lone Brave fan stuck here in Yankee and Met territory. :) And his number is...3!!!!! The number of the great Dale Murphy!!!!

We played our first game this past Saturday. It ended in a 6-6 tie. Dylan walked twice, struck out once, got a RBI and reached on a fielder's choice. Most importantly, he really enjoyed himself. Here are a cuple of pictures from Saturday.

A shot in full uniform right before heading to the field.

Dylan and his best buddy Nick after the game.

Here's to a great season!!!


Suzelle said…
Oh my gosh Mo......Your dream come true :)

So COOL !!!

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