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I just got done proofing our annual Christmas tree cutting adventure photos. We go every year to cut our Christmas tree down with our dear friends the Nemeceks. We go to Maple Row Tree Farm in Shelton, CT. We love it there. They have thee most gorgeous trees in the area.

We usually go for lunch or dinner but this year we went out for brunch at a fabulous place called King's where they serve only breakfast and lunch. We ate like Kings. OH MY! It was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. If you are ever in the Monroe, CT area, be sure and visit King's. :)

Here are some shots from the day:

The kids with the oxen which greet you when you first get there. :)

This year, Emily had the great idea to bring marshmallows to roast. Throughout the farm, they have these heating stations which are just big barrels of fire. Emily thought it would be perfect to roast marshmallows. And it was. They ate the whole bag. next time we need to take a jumbo bag with us. ;)

Oh, that Phil is such a buffoon but we love him anyway ;)

Our family shot in front of the sign. We take it every year. :)

And finally a group shot right before we left. :)


The marshmallows were a brilliant idea!!! It almost makes the cold seem worthwhile, eh?
Reen said…
What a great family day Mo! What pretty pictures you took too.
Yankee said…
Oh, this looks like so much fun!
BTW, I had to double check the date of your post to make sure I hadn't lost track of you.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous photos Mo, and what a fun tradition! Kins in CT. Got it, next time I'm there, I eat :)

Susan said…
what a fun your photos

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