I need your help!

I interupt editing and posting of vacation photos for some home decorating help. We are in the middle of sprucing up our kitchen and need help choosing a paint color.

The colors in descending order are:

Crowne Hill Yellow
Yellow Raincoat

Our cabinets are white with stainless hardware. We have bluish/grey countertops and all stainless steel appliances. The kitchen and eat in area open up to our family room which is painted a lovely shade of green called Rosemary Sprig. The entry way is a neutral color called Monroe Bisque.

We all like different colors. I like the top one in the daylight but the middle one at night when the lights are on. Natalie likes Semolina no matter what time of day. Dylan likes Yellow Raincoat and Crowne Hill Yellow. Stew likes the top 2 and not Yellow Raincoat.

What's a girl to do!? The painters are going to want to know what color to buy any day now and I really need your help.

So what do you think?



Tracy said…
Wish I could see the countertops with the colors near them? I'm thinking top & bottom...

not center, as orange-y yellow with grey/blue doesn't sound quite right to me...
Susan said…
I think without seeing the countertops, that I would probably choose #1. They are all pretty though and Im sure will look awesome with white cabinets....but with the blue/grey counters, I would pick the top one
What a dilemma!!!!!!! It is hard to picture them without seeing everything else. I think I like the top one best!
Danette said…
i'm a little late to this, but i'd go with number 1. so very pretty!

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