CT Crop Girls

(Nora, Me, Nancy, Lin, Lorna, Donna (in back), Gina, April & Nancy)

Thank you so much for all the laughs, the tons of chocolate, the oodles inspiration and for a FABULOUS day. I hope we can do it again soon. :)


Yankee said…
I have the best time at these crops.
Suzelle said…
Great picture Mo. I bet it was a ball :)
Patti H said…
I seriously hope to see me in the next CT photo! Glad you all had a good time
gab423 said…
Awww...this makes me so happy! Thanks for the laughs! :)
Maegan said…
So fun and so many from SJ!
Wish I was there, Maegan
Susan said…
how Fun!!!
now lets see what you made :-)
Jennifer said…
How fun. You all look so cute together!

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