I am almost the BIG 4-0! Lord help me cause I am old. Farting dust as I like to say. How the heck did this happen!? Oh weeeeeellll guess it's better than the alternative. So, in light of this momentus event, I thought I'd do a little post detailing 40 things you may or may not know about me in no particular order. Here goes....

1. I hate the cold.
2. I love baseball.
3. I prefer to sit on the first base side of the field when watching a game.
4. I will take a well pitched game over a slugfest any day of the week.
5. My favorite beer is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
6. I could eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week.
7. I am a sun worshiper.
8. I love the beach.
9. My favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves.
10. I am a city slicker.
11. I have a thing for shoes and bags.
12. I cannot drive with a coat on.
13. I cannot drive a stick nor do I want to.
14. I love mysteries.
15. My favorite author is Sue Grafton.
16. I hate my name.
17. My all-time favorite show is The Golden Girls.
18. My favorite Golden Girl is Dorothy played by Bea Arthur.
19. I am currently addicted to The First 48.
20. I'm not a big ice cream fan.
21. When I was little, I wanted to be a flight Attendant.
22. I have never broken a bone.
23. I don't like diamonds.
24. I love to travel...road trips especially.
25. I have a huge crush on Ed Burns.
26. I bite my nails.
27. My favorite candy is Reeses Peanut Butter cups.
28. I wish I spoke Spanish.
29. I am not spontaneous.
30. I'm a list-maker.
31. I collect baseball memorabilia.
32. I don't like to be in pictures.
33. My favorite color is red.
34. My favorite subjects in school were History and English Lit.
35. I have no tolerance for stupidity at all. :O
36. I was a proofreader in law school and to this day I can still spot a typo a mile away.
37. I worked in a flower shop while in college.
38. I didn't like country music til I moved to Florida.
39. I am a *HUGE* Martha Stewart fan.
40. I wish I was 29 again. ;)


LesleMora said…
Oooeeeee! 40?! You don't look a day over 29!
Reen said…
It just gets better and better Mo!
Leslie Herbert said…
well Mo, you look 29! love reading all your "about you" list!
I will have to do that in June when I turn 40.
Patti H said…
Okay LOVE your Christmas photo of the kids. I love your list of 40 things. Now I understand why you love ketchup chips with your favorite colours being red!
Susan said…
its okay...40 is fabulous!!:)
Yankee said…
Sweetie, I still have over 10 years on you! You look maaaavelous!
Jill said…
Cute List Ramona! I think you should go to the beach, watch baseball and drink a Sierra Nevada for your BD. Let me know if that works out.....I'll join you!

Cheers and Happy early BD!

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