Color of the Week - Green

Ahhh, I love this pot. Can you really love a pot? Well, I can say that I really do love this pot. It is called kiwi and it is gorgeous. I coveted it for quite some time but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a pot. But, a little GC to Williams-Sonoma courtesy of reward points and it was all mine. I hope to soon add more to my collection as it is lonely. Oh, and it really does cook beautifully. Matter of fact I have a brisket in mine right now. :)

Pretty green glasses. I bought these from a very shi-shi home store in Miami. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. I only break them out for company. Last time we drank out of them was at Natty's birthday party and I made a drink with prosecco, pomegranite juice, orange juice and fresh limes. Delish! :)

This is a sausage tree. I've never seen one before and I thought it was kinda neat looking. It doesn't really grow sausages. It got it's name because the things hanging from it look like sausages. This tree is right at the beginning of the entrance to Jungle Island in Miami. :)


Susan said…
oh I'd love that pot too...I understand completely! I have one that color, but mines a knock off from Ikea LOL!
Tracy said…
I say YES, you can love a pot-mine is a beautiful RED beaut-but that lovely green one would have gotten me too!
Cheri Pryor said…
The sausage tree is crackin' me up for some reason! lol! I LOVE those glasses!

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