Friday, September 26, 2008

Apple Picking

Every year we go apple picking. We have our usual favorites but this time we decided to try some place new... Apple Hill Farm. It was a bit of a ways away but it was near our favorite brew pub so I was game.

They had several varities like red and golden delicious, macoun, jonagold and opalescent which were HUGE but I did not like the layout. It did not have that u-pick kinda feel. There was a private house right in the middle that you had to walk around. It wasn't at all crowded which I guess some may like but I like when there are lots of people. It makes it feel more like an event, more festive. But what do I know. It seems the rest of the family liked it just fine.

My favorite shot of the day...

Eating the fruits of their labor. LOL! Get it!? ;)

Down by the parking lot, they had an old fire engine set up with bales of hay and pumpkins. Really cute. The kiddos had to get in for a ride. Of course, they fought about who would get to drive first. But I managed to get this cute pic after the hullabaloo.

And, I plan on making Martha Stewart's apple cake with all the golden delicious apples we picked. Mmmm.

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Leslie Herbert said...

Awww! What great apple pickin Pics Mo! we always go to a place called Apple Annies to go apple picking, lots of fun memories!