Snowy Early March

I was begining to think I'd have no sledding pictures this winter. We have had very little snow this year. YAY! The only other time there was enough snow to go sledding, I got crummy pictures because it was getting dark. So, while I loathe the white stuff, I was happy to get some winter shots. I bet people are beginning to think I hibernate all winter since all my photos are in the sun. LOL! So, here's what I got.

A couple of posed shots....

Look at the excitement of getting ready for the first slide...

And then the agony of having to climb back up the hill. Look at the expression on his face...priceless! LOL!


Reen said…
Great snow day photos!
We had just two days of snow this winter up at our cabin, but do ya think I got even 1 picture? Nope! I'm a camera dork this winter, I just wanted to sit indoors by the fire! So good for you for getting out there and enjoying the white stuff. They turned out totally cute!
Jennifer said…
OMG, look at all of that snow! Did I mention it has been 80 here for the last two weeks? LOL. Terrific pictures!

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