Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was here at my house like it always is. I like to do it but at the end of the day, I am beat. Last night every muscle in my body ached from preparing, shopping, cooking and cleaning for days. :O

I made a turkey breast, stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, a loin of pork and asparagus. The pork was the hit of the day. I made a Williams-Sonoma recipe with rosemary, thyme and figs. My Dad brought macaroni and meatballs and a huge canoli cake filled with 20 little canolis inside. It was sooooooo good.

As for photos, I managed to get the 3 "big" cousins to stop playing basketball to pose for a shot. Not very Eastery but it's the best I could do.

Then there was the egg hunt. It doesn't matter how many eggs I fill, they still take less than 10 minutes to blow thru them. But it is so much fun to watch. Stew was in charge of taking these photos.

Natalie and Vincent going after the same egg...

Dylan racked up big time. While all the others were fighting for eggs, he went in the back of the yard and got the most eggs out of everyone. ;)


Lori Gentile said…
Hi Ramona! I sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! I know what you mean about being sore and tired from the getting ready! Hee! My hubby is a HUGE canoli fan! He would have been all over that dessert!
Jennifer said…
Your yard looks amazing... perfect for an egg hunt! Sounds like a nice holiday. :)
Anonymous said…
The kids look like they had a blast and wow, Mo, can I come to your house next year? I've not had fabulous canolli since Brian moved from So. Cal (1986....). And the pork sounds pretty great too. Enjoy the sore, tired muscles, my dear. It means you did GOOD.

Reen said…
Mo...you still out there? :) just checkin' up on ya! Looks like you had a fun Easter, but haven't seen you much since then. Hope all is well,

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