Just Catching Up....

To say I've been busy is an understatement. But, then again, I'm sure so has everybody else. My computer time is the first thing to go. It stresses me out not to be able to get on here and just hang, read e mails or update my blog. But, if I take the time to do these things, then I'll be stressing out about all the other stuff I should have been doing. Stupid vicious cycle. :(

Work is going well. I have a few favorites. :O

I took the school photographs this year. The individual shots came out awesome! I had a blast and the extra money will come in handy for Christmastime. :)

Natalie has been doing alot of stuff. She baked bread for a local food pantry. She walked 5 miles in the recess walking club. She is already trotting on a horse. :)

Dylan took up the trumpet. And, last night he played some notes for us and by golly it actually sounds like music. LOL! :) Funny story...2nd week of school, he comes home on a Tuesday and tells me he signed up for band and needs a trumpet by Thursday. I think no big deal, right? I must have called 100 stores...well, not really but it sure felt like it...and noone had a trumpet. Finally, I call a place about 20 minutes away and he has 1 left. I say hold it, I'll be in tomorrow. SO, 125.00 later we successfully rented the trumpet in time for Thursday.

Fast forward to Thursday morning at the bus stop a neighbor listens to my story...yeah I talk too much...and she says my son has a trumpet that he doesn't use anymore and you can have it!!!! So, I call up the store that I rented the trumpet from and find out if I can return it. And, I could, so, I did and saved some money. Yay!

Then we had Soccerfest. Dylan played 4 games and his team came in second place. They got silver medals. I have photos but they are still on my camera. :O

And, while Soccerfest is going on, the Girl Scouts have the Farmer's Market. For this year's Girl Scout Farmer's Market, Natalie's troop decided to do decorate a cookie. We did it last year and it was a success. So, 3 other Moms and I baked 4 dozen cookies each and the other Moms bought all the icing and candy with which to decorate the cookies. We did almost exactly the same as last year. So, next year we are going to try and do something different. Any suggestions? Here are some shots from that day. :)

Eating the profits. LOL!

A cute little pumpkin tattoo


E said…
man, she is growing up huh?! really cute pics.

i don't know how you keep up girl - your PHX vacation will be well-deserved for sure. i can't wait to see you (and make out a little! hahahahaahahahaha).
Reen said…
You have been one busy working Mom! Cute pictures of the kids. Congrats on the extra mula for the upcoming Christmas season. WTG!!!!

Denise Gormish said…
Cute as ALWAYS!!!
Georgina said…
Wow ! You have been busy!!
Jennifer said…
I know exactly how you feel. And I don't have a job!!! So glad that you are doing well. The kids look great. So do those cookies. :)

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