Working out at the beach???

Work Out and Laguna Beach I mean. :D

Over the summer, I fell in love with the show Work Out on Bravo. It's about this trainer/gym owner extraordinaire Jackie Warner. She runs this primo gym in Beverly Hills and it follows her career as well as her personal life.

I got sucked in so quickly as I long to live in LA and experience California living for a few years. I loved catching glimpses of the streets of LA and such.

Anyhoo, last night was the season finale and man was it a good one. Jackie has been sparring with her partner Mimi the last few epi's and it finally came to a crashing halt last night with Mimi throwing a glass at Jackie's head. Whoa!!! :O

Needless to say, Mimi is a donefor and Jackie is moving onwards and upwards. I just hope there wil be a season 2. Anyone know? Riveting tv I tell ya. LOL!!!!!

Now for the Beach. Laguna Beach that is. I missed the season premiere because I was on vacation and have no earthly idea what day it is when I'm on vacation. But I was able to catch up last night.

Is it me or are these new crop of girls just plain cruel? As I was watching it, I found myself longing for Kristin!!! LOL! I was so happy when the *old* girls came back!!!!!

But, it seems that poor Jessica is gonna get the short end of the stick (yet again) with this Cameron situation. :(

Ok. I can't wait for tonight's epi!!!!!!



Suzelle said…
I saw that Laguna Beach was starting again. I like all the original kids that were in itbetter, ya think ? How about The Hills....I cannot believe Lauren didn't go to Paris for teen Vogue....dumb move. She should have asked Jason to go her !!!!

Haven't seen the other show you're talking about. So fun to find a cool show :)
Susan said…
I just saw that workout show your talking least I saw a preview of those girls fighting.
Never seen LB but I remember you talking about it last season.
suethomas40 said…
I've watched the workout show too, Ramona (hanging my reality tv addicted head in shame)
Reen said…
I hate to admit it, but I've been watching Work Out too! I missed the darn last epi? I'll have to catch it when they rerun it this weekend. Nothing like a good cat fight!
Kristi Mangan said…
Oooh, I'm excited for the new Laguna Beach... not too sure about the other show you are talking about - wow, I'm so out of the loop!
Christina said…
Girl, Laguna is not the same without Kristen! You know well, that I wasn't fond of her but she grew on me and having sluttly airhead Jessica is not helping the stitch.

Cami is a little you know what and that whole group of girls are scandelous! Need time to get used to these new crop of kids, missing Steven, Lauren and Kristen for sho!

Karen said…
I need to watch Laguna Beach. I keep hearing good things about it. Don't you love it when you look forward to watching your favorite shows?

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