This has to be the worst part about coming home from vacation. And remember we were gone an entire month! :O

Seriously, if I didn't have a nagging husband, I'd never unpack. I'd just live outta the suitcases until there was nothing in them. LOL! You think I'm joking? I kid you not. ;)

So that's on my agenda for today...unpacking. I'm hoping to get rid of at least one suitcase. Anything more would be gravy. :)

A trip to BJ's is in order too. We are down to our last roll of tp. I'm gonna start twitching soon. :D

And the winners of my little quote contest are Shirley and Reenie Roo! Yeah!!!! Pmail me your addy's and I'll get some little goodies out to ya! :)

Ok. I bid you all adieu for today. And, I leave you with a few more shots from our trip.



Denise Gormish said…
More gorgeous photos - what colors. No wonder you love it so much. Can't wait to see those new beach layouts! I like to veg for a day, then unpack everything so its all out of the way! DH would rather have it all unpacked right away so I veg for an evening then unpack it all. Happy unpacking!
Shirley said…
More photos! No wonder you were gone for so long! I'm not sure that I'd be back. ;) I hate unpacking and the laundry that follows, too. Hope that it all goes quickly for you!
Jen said…
Oh, I hear you on the unpacking!!! Luckily, (just for this reason), I live alone and no one makes me unpack. So, I do live out of bags for a few days, at least. SO bad!
Reen said…
Beautiful Pictures Mo!! Natty is so pretty, all she has to do is stand in one spot and you have a perfect picture!
Good luck unpacking!! hey, you making me a winner? you don't have to do that! but I luv ya just the same :)
Susan said…
wowwie Mo, I love your photos.
Im with ya on unpacking. Pauls a crazy man when it comes to that. He has to unpack the moment we get home. EVERYTHING has to be unpacked and put away before he'll sit down. Its crazy I tell ya.
Jill Schnabel said…
Another great set of photos! Love the one of Stew and the kids walking along the beach...you captured some sweet memories!
suethomas40 said…
Wonderful photos, Ramona!!! They really make me get the whole "feel" of miami!
Melodee said…
Awesome pics...I want to see more!
Hope you are having a fun weekend again...can't believe you had another little trip right after you got home...you crazy traveler you! lol...

Missed you, so glad you are almost home to stay!

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