Got these off Sophia C's blog...

Finish these sentences...

I WANT: to live where I can smell the ocean and see the palm trees blowing in the wind!
I HAVE: the two most beautiful children in the world!
I WISH: that I had no debt and I would go to church more often.
I HATE: that I don't live closer to some friends.
I MISS: living across the street from the beach.
I HEAR: Dylan and Natalie fighting too often.
I WONDER: what it would have been like if my first baby hadn't died.
I REGRET: that I moved back to NY. Shoulda made him come down to Florida.
I AM NOT: spontaneous.
I DANCE: while no one is looking and not often enough.
I SING: so bad I could shatter glass, but I don't let that stop me from belting out a tune!
I CRY: at the drop of a hat.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: in the mood to clean.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: dinner every night except Saturday.
I WRITE: to do lists.
I CONFUSE: not too many things. Matter of fact, I cannot even think of something right now.
I NEED: a part-time job that will let me be home for my kiddos and still earn a little bit of cash.
I SHOULD: finish all my little house projects before leaving for a month long vacation.
I START: to get hormonal a week before my period is due.
I FINISH: at least 2 cups of coffee a day.

Now you go...


Adrienne said…
Great entry! I love those things!
Reen said…
What a great list! Love that!
Suzelle said…
FUN !!!!!!
Dar said…
Fun list Romona!
Sophia C. said…
What fun answers! From one crybaby to another, it's all good! Love your blog, Ramona! Have a great day!

Love your list!!!!!

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