Feel Good Friday

I've been running. It's been a looong time since I ran. I almost forgot that FABULOUS runners high you get when you're done. I love that feeling. Like I could do anything I imagine. :) I feel good!

I took a new yoga class today, ashtanga yoga. Not only do I want to be fit, but I also strive to feel centered and balanced. I took my first step today. It feels good.

I am letting go of some things with my scrapbooking and just having fun. Doing what makes me happy. Playing around with some new ideas. It feels good.

I am saying no to some things. I am stretched too thin. I cannot possibly do it all and do it as well as I expect myself to do it. So, I am making some things top priorty and others well, I'm just saying no to them! Whew, that feels good! :)

Change always scares me. I like things to stay just the way they are. But, I know that is not realistic. So, whatever is in store for me in the future, I'm welcoming with open arms.

And last but certainly not least...today is my Grandmother's 84th birthday!!!! I love you crazy lady!!!!!!

I feel GREAT today! How about you?


Adrienne said…
I feel fantastic too! LOL
EC said…
way to go girl!!!!! the runner's high is the best!

i love your new outlook.

happy birthday grandma!
Suzelle said…
I am proud of you Mo :)

Happy Birthday Grandma !!!!
Sheila said…
WTG! Good for you. I wish I could say that I love to run, but I hate, hate, hate it. I stick to quick walking. I would love to try yoga though.
Reen said…
Great job on the workouts Mo! I've been walking everyday for the last few weeks and haven't felt this good in years. My clothes is getting baggy and I'm looking forward to the day I dump it at the Goodwill :)
Anonymous said…
Yay!!! Saying "no" is such a stess releaver!!!! You Go Girl!! :D

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