Now I know what it means when someone says stress is a killer. These last few weeks have been very stressful. Illnesses, death, bills, etc. But I'm going to do my best to control it. I know I cannot control outside stresses and the things and people that cause them but I can control me! I've vowed to get back to the gym. Which I did yesterday and it felt great! I planned my meals for the week and bought the groceries. I made a list of things to do and did them all! At the end of the day I felt in control and at peace. Yay! If you have any tips for me, I'd love to hear them! Peace out! Mo


Suzelle said…
You did the right thing Mo, made a list, crossed off what you got done. Just don't make your lists overwhelming, so it is not do-able. You won't always be able to get it done, just prioratize it and do whatcha can :)
Angela Green said…
Good for you Mo! No tips for you, those are the same goals I have for myself. It's a struggle, isn't it? ;)
shelly said…
I love lists too! when you start crossing things off you get a sense of accomplishment..even if its simple tasks! Way to go!
Jessica said…
Do you guys have personal trainers available at your gym? That is what has really gotten me to stick with it...Knowing that I have someone to report to, and encourage me.
I'm so sorry to hear that you've been stressed. No advice there, cuz I'm feelin' your pain on that one! Maybe it's time for a YOU bubble bath, some wine, a little sliver of great chocolate! :-)
e said…
i'm stressed to the max lately girl and i had a feeling you were too since i haven't seen you around.

call me if you need to chat. =)
Sherry said…
Sounds like you did great, Mo! Just don't stress out about trying to make things easier!
Hope your week gets less stressful Mo. Keep your chin up and just plug through what needs to get done :)
Reen said…
keep it simple :)

love you!

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