I Have a Confession...

I do not like breakfast food. :O I don't know what it is really. I'm just not a fan. I would much rather eat real food like pasta, pizza, Chinese food...pretty much anything that was leftover from dinner the night before. LOL!

A bowl of cereal just doesn't do it for me. I loathe soggy cereal. I don't like milk. And, I'm hungry an hour after I eat a bowl of Cheerios.

Can't have eggs every day for breakfast now can we? There's this little thing called cholesterol that we have to be aware of. :/

Pancakes? Eh Waffles? Ain't nobody got time for that on a random Tuesday morning. ;) Although, over the weekend, my sweet daughter made pumpkin Belgian waffles for us. YUM!

Now, that's not to say that I don't eat at all. I mean a girl's gotta eat to function right? And, I teach preschool, so I need lots of energy to keep up with those 3 and 4 year olds.

So, what do I eat then? In the warmer months, I drink lots of smoothies. I use Shaklee Life Energizing Shake vanilla protein powder. I add 10 ounces of almond milk and frozen berries and a huge handful of spinach. They are so delicious and filling.

But, once it gets cold here in NY, which will be any day now, I kind of lose my taste for cold things. So, I usually just make a peanut butter on protein bread sandwich. Exciting huh? ;)

Sometimes, I'll just grab a protein bar and go. My favorite bars are Luna bars. I love most of the flavors too but this one right here is so good!

I get them at my local grocery store and they go on sale quite frequently.

Now, with that being said, if y'all put a platter of biscuits and gravy with a side of grits in front of me, all bets are off. That is my jam. I remember the first time I had it too. I was living down in Florida and we were at some local breakfast place and I had scrambled eggs with biscuits and gravy. I thought I just about died and went to Heaven. My friend Michelle asked me if I knew what was in that gravy? I said please don't tell me. Ignorance is bliss. Am I right or am I right? :D

Thank you Cracker Barrel! Your biscuits and gravy give me life.

So, now that you know all about my weird dislike of breakfast foods, I can't wait to read your confessions.

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I'm with you on the breakfast food! I'll eat it but I'd much rather have all that other stuff you mentioned. But yes yes yes yes on the biscuits and gravy!! One of my favorite combinations EVER!!! Now I'm hungry. haha. Thanks for linking up!!

That Inspired Chick

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