Weekend Wrap Up - Basketball and Bed

So this weekend was a little bit of this and a lot of nothing. LOL On Friday night, we had plans for dinner and D League basketball with our friend Frank. Since he moved to south Jersey, we don't see him as much as we used to. Dylan and I were supposed to meet them for diner at 5:30 and then head over to the game which started at 7. Well, I get to the restaurant exit on the highway, 30 minutes away, when I realize that I forgot the tickets to the game on the kitchen counter! ARGH!!! So, we had to go all the way back home and just ended up meeting the guys at the game.

But, I got to wear my new dress/top from Riff Raff. I love that it is a little funky and a little boho yet feminine and pretty.

We also got to see Jimmer Fredette right before he was called up the play for the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. That was AMAZING! That boy can shoot a basketball.

Tip Off ..

Getting ready to throw a couple of free throws ...

And Jimmer shooting a technical shot ...

The Kicks won by 20 points and scored over 100 points!

Here is a shot of the boy and me in our seats in between quarters. :)

The next day Frank had to leave early, Stew had a dentist appointment and the kids had plans with friends. I pretty much hung around the house and was a lazy bum. LOL! We even ordered in sushi for dinner and ate on paper plates.

So, Sunday meant getting down to business. But first things first was church. My friend Christine's daughter, Madison, just returned home from a church mission and on Sunday was her homecoming. She spoke in church about it. It was wonderful. I felt so honored to be there.

Here is a shot of Christine, Trina and me. I have known and loved these two ladies for over 15 years. They are truly the best people!

After church, we ran errands at BJ's and the grocery store and for lunch, the family ate the quesalupa. Ever since they saw the commercial a few weeks ago, they have been dying to try it. The verdict was it was good but the quesarito is better. I stuck to my bean burrito and potato soft taco. ;)

On Sunday nights, Stew always grills something. Tonight was a pork loin rubbed up with one of the various rubs from his stash. The names of them or the descriptions always crack me up. He has one for chicken that says it is guaranteed to enhance your breasts. Chicken breasts of course. LOL!!! This one is Rub Some Butt. I mean. Realy?! Ha!

I prepped snacks and lunches for the week and went to bed nice and early. Mondays after a week off are hard. But only a few more weeks until spring break. Yeehaw!!


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