Friday Faves & Weekend Recap All In One

I know. I know. I am horrible at keeping up with my posts. I decided to give myself some grace and combine two posts in one. It just so happens that my weekend recap photos are some of my favorites right now. ;)

But first up is the first day of school. Both of my kiddos are in high school. Dylan is a senior and Natalie is a sophomore. Trying to get them to take a decent photo was quite comical. They were giving me all kinds of grumpy faces. I begged them to at least pretend they were happy about going back to school and this is what I got. Serves me right I guess. LOL! It just might be my favorite 1st day of school photo to date.

Next is my sweet girl, Tilly. I must confess that I was not on board with adding a dog into the family. I knew I would be the one handling all the responsibility. We go away a lot. And, I am a sentimental fool that gets attached to lint on the bottom of my shoe. LOL! That being said. I am totally in love. The kids joke that she is my favorite child. :)

I am addicted to cookbooks, cooking magazines, recipe websites, blogs about food. I have thousands of recipes pinned. If it's about food, I'm all over it. Right now, this magazine is my favorite. It is gorgeous and the recipes looks scrumptious. I cannot wait to make something from it.

In keeping with the food theme, this is my new favorite meatless meal. I am () close to being a vegetarian. I probably would be if I wasn't married to a huge meat eater who loves to grill all the things. So, when I saw @snoopnattynat post this recipe on Instagram, I immediately ran out to get the ingredients. It was quick, easy and delicious. You can find the recipe on her blog. I did a few things differently. I used frozen broccoli, a little bit more garlic, regular breadcrumbs instead of panko and I drizzled olive oil on top of mine before baking. They were a hit with everyone even Natalie who avoids mushrooms like the plague.

Now, here's where the Weekend Recap clashes with the Friday Favorites. LOL.

My son loves old fighter planes. He has been wanting to go to the Intrepid all summer but trying to coordinate it with his friend's schedule has been tricky. So, on the spur of the moment we took a trip to the New England Air Museum in Windsor Lockes, CT. This was definitely a favorite for him and for me. Getting to spend time with him and watching him enjoy himself is definitely a favorite. His favorite thing was sitting in his favorite plane ... the Thunderbird. Here are a few pictures from that day. I cannot wait to make a scrapbook for him with all the photos I took.

And now back to food. ;)

There is this place is Monroe, CT. called Mac Daddy's. They make gourmet mac n' cheese. OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Yes, I am screaming! The first time we went, I had french onion. It was incredible. This time, Natalie and I ordered two different kinds of snack sizes and shared them. That way we could try more than one kind. We had buffalo mac n' cheese and mac a la vodka. The boys ordered the Cuban. It had ham and pickles. YUM! This place is a favorite for sure!

If you're still with me, you're in luck. This is the last favorite thing/recap this week. Even though we live in New York, we spend a ton of time in CT as you can probably tell from this post alone. Before my husband had Lyme Disease, we used to go to wine tastings all the time. But alcohol was strictly off limits while he was fighting it. He has been given a clean bill of health and has eased himself back into eating a regular diet and adding alcohol as well. So, we celebrated by going to Jones in, you guessed it, CT. It's not too far from the mac n' cheese place. It was a gorgeous day. I had a chardonnay and Stew had a Merlot. The kids had iced tea. They give you grapes from the farm. We sat ouside. It was crowded and oh so cute. A favorite little afternoon weekend activity.

And there you have my favorite/recap post. Thanks for reading!


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