Easy Pasta Bake

Are you sensing a theme here yet?

I love home-cooked meals. I love trying new recipes and I have more cookbooks than I care to count. But, a lot of nights, I resort to quick tried and true recipes that are my family's favorites.

My easy pasta bake is one of them.

For the past year, my family has incorporated more gluten free meals into our diet. The biggest struggle has been finding a pasta that stands up in taste and texture. We have tried brown rice pasta, quinoa pasta and corn pasta and all fell short. But then Barilla came out with their own gluten free pasta and it is the best! It tastes the most like "real" pasta and it holds up really well in sauces. I used Barilla gluten free penne pasta for this recipe.

Here is all that you will need to make this easy and delicious dish.


1-1/2 boxes of Barilla Gluten Free Penne Pasta
1.33 lb pouch of Butterball Ground Turkey
1 jar of your favorite marinara sauce (we love Rao's)
1 medium can of tomato sauce (or two small cans)
half of an onion, chopped
Minced garlic, fresh or dried (1 TBSP)
Goya Adobo (I use it in everything!) (I just sprinkle it on) (eyeball it)
Crushed red pepper flakes (1 tsp)
And my secret weapon when cooking with ground turkey instead of beef is Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce (a couple of glugs)
Parmesan and Mozzarella for topping


Bring a large pot of water to a boil for pasta
While you're waiting for the water to boil, season turkey with Adobo, red pepper flakes, and worcestershire sauce
Brown turkey, onion, garlic, over medium-high heat until no longer pink
Add tomatoes and cook until pasta is ready
Add some sauce to bottom of glass baking dish
(I use a 9x13 Pyrex for this recipe)
Add pasta and more sauce (reserve some for extra to put on the table)
Sprinkle with grated parmesan and mozzarella cheese
Bake uncovered in a 350 oven for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted

Serve with a salad and bread and you have a fast and satisfying meal!


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