The Famous To-Do List

I am a list maker through and through. I often say...if it's not on list, then it doesn't get done.

Sometimes I have several going at once...a daily one and a weekly or even a monthly one. And nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to cross things off my list and eventually toss the daily one in the garbage. :) I am not too hard on myself tho if I do not cross everything off, I just move it to the next day.

I recently received this e mail on to-do lists from the organizing guru herself, Marcia Ramsland that I thought I'd share with you. It is jam-packed with great to-do list pointers.


A written to-do list is the secret to clearing your mind of mental clutter and accomplishing more each day. When the list is more than a day’s worth of actions, it is actually considered a “Master List.”

Marcia’s Time Slotted To-Do List:

When you start listing items on your to-do list, you have three choices: you can put to-dos in the order they occur to you, in the time order in which you will complete them, or in priority order. I use a combination of all three. Here are the 3 steps I use each day.

1) In the morning I list what’s on my mind and desk in a running list before opening email. Listing it allows me to get the big picture and start to sort. On a good day I walk into a clear desk with the list already written the night before. :)

2) List the morning’s 3 Priority items in the upper right of my Planner and on a digital Post-It note on my computer screen desktop. (In iGoogle dashboard I found it in “Gadgets.” I also have their clock, calendar, and yellow stickie note.) I like doing the handwritten first. It’s a double insurance that I will get done what I set out to do.

3) The big secret: THEN I list the time I will begin and end each of the 3 big Priorities. Adding the time slot for a priority early in the day makes all the difference in getting it done. Time slots keep me on track.

One last thing: Set yourself up for success tomorrow by clearing your email In-box at the end of each day (or down as low as you possibly can). THE N write yourself an email of with your Priority tasks just in the Subject Line. That way you’ll spot it right away and your mind will focus on your Priorities and not other people’s email priorities for you.


Leslie said…
HEY Mo! I definetly need these tips! I am a list maker too...heck I even have a list of lists to make :)

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