Valentine's Day Crafts!

I love Valentine's Day. It is one of my favorite days. I love to decorate for it and bake for it and shop for it. But what I love most is to find great crafts to make for it.

I am running to Joann's on Saturday to get all the supplies to make one of these!!!!

How FABULOUS is it!? I think it is pretty FABULOUS!!!

And how cute would it be to get one of these on Valentine's Day? All you have to do is wrap your sweetie's favorite candy bar in cute V-Day paper and voila ... instant gift.

I hope to share lots more V-Day ideas with you!


Leslie said…
OH!!! I want to make one of those too! I LOVE it and it's beautiful!
Thanks for sharing Mo!
Suzelle said…
I went to the idearoom blog that that wreath is from. Did you check out the Valentine's Day section ?? OH MY for the cuteness !!!!!!
Karen said…
Cool! Is that felt? I want to see your finished projects, okay?

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