Brownie Bottom Cheesecake!

So, last weekend we finally joined Costco. After years as being a faithful BJ's member, we broke down. During our first trip down the aisles, my chocoholic daughter saw this book and read the recipes to me as we were walking around. When she got to the brownie bottom cheesecake, she got my attention. Then when I saw the price of only $5.99, I threw it in the cart. That very night we made the cheesecake sans the chocolate drizzle. It was easy and delicious.I'm sure I'll be sharing many more recipes from this book.

The cover of this amazing book!

The recipe. :)

My piece. :D

The cake minus a couple of pieces. ;)


Suzelle said…
I *heart* much !!!!

That dessert looks yummylicious :)

Their book prices rock !!
Reen said…
Whoa! That looks yummy!
Yankee said…
Oh that looks so good!

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