Mother's Day Photos

For mother's Day we headed down to Il Cortile on Mulberry Street. My family, my sister's family, my bro and SIL and my parents of course all went. After dinner we took some photos in the park outside my parent's building. They are not the greatest but they will have to do.

Dylan, me and Natalie. Yes it was that cold that I had my jacket buttoned up to my neck and my nose was red. But what can you do.

Me and my kiddos, Dylan and Natalie, my niece Nicole and nephew Marco. :)

My Mom and all her grandchildren. :)

My Niece Nicole, my SIL Denise and Natalie. My SIL is due July 6th. She is having a baby girl and so far they are naming her Sophia Rose. Pretty. :)


Suzelle said…
Great pictures Mo !!! Your mom is adorable :) I bet you guys have a lot of laughs !!!
Yankee said…
Love your pic with the kids.
Tracy said…
Looks like a fun time~

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