The Perfect Brownie

I am such a sucker for kitchen gadgets and baking apparatus that it is quite comical. I've seen the commercials for this for a while now and I have resisted. I've passed it in the aisles at CVS and resisted. Even when my friend Sam bought one, I didn't cave. Good girl. I kept telling myself.

But, then, while shopping at BJ's, there it was, out on display and for the cheapest price I've ever seen it. I.could.not.resist. :O

It will be making it's debut on Easter Sunday. I'll let you know if it's worth the hype. ;)



Tracy said…
I <3 kitchen gadgets too! Received an 'all edges' brownie pan last year for Christmas...a favorite ;o)
Yankee said…
LMBO! Have it. Used it. Makes perfect squares.
Maegan said…

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