Ikea Finds

I've been itching to make a trip to Ikea for quite some time now. I have been in an organizing kind of mood lately and thought why not Ikea. I get so much inspiration from their rooms and the prices are fantastic.

The main reason for a trip to Ikea was to get something for my son's room to organize and house his various game systems, etc. I installed a behind the door rack to hold all of his video games, dvd's and cd's so those were taken care of. But, all of his controllers and accessories were littered all over his floor.

And look...we found this really cool locker storage unit that just happens to go with his red and blue sports themed room. It looks so awesome in there. I may even get a matching end table.

I bought this mirror to go over my daughter's bed. I recently re-did her room in sort of a beachy theme and have been looking for something to go over her bed that worked with the style but did not limit us to it either. I thought this fit the bill perfectly. And for $19.99 it was a bargain. :)

I was able to pick up some kitchen items to help with storage. I am constantly looking for ways to keep things in their place. I loathe clutter. This is what I came up with from this trip.

I got a couple of these to hold wheat germ and flax seed.

This will hold my stash of tea bags and go in my pantry.

To round things out I got some more wooden skirt hangers so I finally have all my skirts hung up neatly in my closet. They were only 99 cents each! I should have bought more. Spring is just around the corner and I just might add to my skirt collection. You never know. LOL!

And I got a new wooden cutting board. It is huge and has a groove all around to catch the juices that overflow from the meat when you cut it. It was only $9.99.

So, all in all, it was a successful trip to Ikea. All that's left is to get some glass storage containers for my suger and flour to put on my countertop. I wasn't in love with anything they had to offer. I guess a trip to HomeGoods or The Container Store is in my near future. ;)


Suzelle said…
Oh Mo I totally share your love for IKEA. I went last week too. I got just a few gadget-y things. FUN stuff you got girl !!
Anonymous said…
I love that mirror!
I am making a list for my next trip to Ikea Mo! I go in two weeks!
Love your mirror and your tea bag storage container, thanks for inspiring me to organize today!
Sue Thomas said…
Great Ikea finds, Ramona!!!!
Susan said…
awesome finds! love all of them
elizabeth said…
I was there last week getting a few boxes. But I was with Adam who literally takes off running the minute we hit the door. You can't look at anything with him around so I have to go back. Those kitchen items look like something I need. :)

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