Fall Ball

This year Dylan decided to play fall baseball. He usually only plays spring baseball as he plays soccer in the fall. But not this year.

He is on the Indians with quite a few kids he knows. He has Coach Lipksi again. He makes the game fun for the boys.

This season Dylan has been working on his hitting. He even goes to the batting cages for extra practice. He is still looking for that big hit. Wish him luck! ;)

We've also been hit by a ton of rainouts this season. It seems that we are off more than we are on. :( We only have 2 weeks left. Hoping for a dry and mild next 2 weeks. :)

Here are some pictures of our season...

Dylan in his Cleveland Indians uniform. :)

Waiting for the pitch. He eventually walked that at bat.

Standing on 3rd right before scoring a run. :)


Jill said…
I know this post is about baseball but I can't help but comment on his incredible eyes! Sorry about the weather - I hope you have a couple of clear weeks so you can enjoy his final games.

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