Remember me?

I've been sunning my buns in Florida for the past month. Ahhhh! One of the highlights of the trip was getting to meet Karen. I've known her for about 5 years or so but we have never met IRL. We've talked on the phone, e mailed, you name it, but never have come face to face.

I've admired her sense of style, elegance and class from the cyber world for a long time. She's smart and sweet and funny and a bad influence when shopping. Just kidding. I really do regret not buying that dress at Ann Taylor. I should have listened to her. ;)

We are often in the same state but I'm in Miami and she is Tampa...5 hours apart. So, we researched a midway point to meet, Naples and planned to have lunch and shop. Due to horrendous directions from mapquest, it took me 3 hours or more (I'm not sure because I was delerious from the heat and long drive thru the everglades) to get there when it should have only taken me a little over 2. But, I made it and I had a lovely afternoon. Next time we should make it a weekend thing! :D

At the end of the day, we asked this young girl to take our photo. Even tho my hair is a mess and my makeup all smudgy, I'm so glad I have a memory of this day.



Suzelle said…
How CUTE are the two of you !!!! So COOL you got to meet :)
Reen said…
How fun to finally meet Karen! You two looked adorable!
Anonymous said…
Stop it! You are beautiful!!! I'm so glad you two finally met... I hadn't realized you never met irl!
Cheryl said…
You guys look totally cute! how fun that you finally got to meet up!
Karen said…
YAYAY!!!! You are JUST AS FUN in person as you are online. Well, actually I prefer the real thing. I had a blast with you, even though it was such a short time. Sorry about the rough start.

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