Last night Stew and Natalie attended the Girl Scout Father Daughter Barn Dance. It's a western theme hence the hat and bandana. :) They do square dancing and all. So Cute. I just wish I could see it for myself...but no mommies allowed. LOL!

Wow! This weekend went by way too fast. No? And, I have off Fridays from work so my weekends are always 3 day weekends.

I am just glad that this week is a really short one. I only work Mon and Tues. But, my kiddos have school on Wednesday. That'll give me the day to finish up some last minute gift buying.

I still have my Mom and Dad, brother & his fiance and a few more things for Stew. I also have to take a count of what I got the kiddos and make sure I have equal the number of gifts. Can't have Dylan opening up 6 when Natty only opens up 5. :O

Today, I'll be hitting Joann's to pick up 101 Hip Handmade Gifts and hopefully all the supplies needed to make button trees. I had hoped to do it yesterday but we were held hostage all day by Directv. Argh!

And, I guess that's about it for me today. Oh, and I cannot wait to make those pumpkin pie bars. Don't they look delish!?


Suzelle said…
How CUTE !!!!!!!!!!
JENNY B said…
so cute Mo-- I bet they had a FAB time! Love the look of those pumpkin bars--- num!!!
Reen said…
I'm adding the ingredients to the pumpkin bars to my next shopping list :) I think look pretty healthy too!

Stew and Natty are just the cutest together! She looks like a chip off the ol' block with that hat on!!! Famously cute Mo!
LesleMora said…
Uh, you'll be finished with your gift shopping the day before Thanksgiving?! I bow down to you! LOL
Jennifer said…
I can't believe you didn't get to go to the dance with them. That must have killed you! They look so cute together. And good for you on the shopping. It feels good, huh?
christie said…
How cute they look together...u r very lucky!! Enjoy your holiday!!!
kbuck said…
How cute do Natty and Stew look!! Boy does she look like you with the hat on!!!
So, you are coming up to finish my shopping right?
Susan said…
how cute Mo!
No moms allowed? hopefully Stew took the camera with him?

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