Natalie's Easter Dress

is on it's way from The Children's place and I love it. I think it is soooo pretty and not too fancy. So, she can wear it out to dinner and not look like she's in a party dress.. :) Whatcha think? I love the little sweater on top too. Eeeeeeeeeee! :)


Suz said…
CUTE, CUTE, CUTE !!!!!!!!!!! I NEED ti take my kids shopping there SOON !!!!!
Reen said…
It's the perfect little Easter Dress!! I love the little sweater too! Such a cute find Mo!
Georgina said…
LOVE them!!
JENNY B said…
so sweet and spingy Mo!!! love D;s sweater vest too! your kiddos are going to be adorable! jenny
Susan said…
how cute!!! love the sweater with that dress...and dylans sweater is perfect. Those easter pictures are going to be adorable

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