Dare #34

This is the first time I'm doing one of these dares. I've always wanted to do them just never had enough time. Now with it being summer and we don't have so much of a schedule, I have lots of free time to scrap. Yay! :D

So, I got my first dare under my belt and I LOVE it. It forced me to do a layout about myself. Something I almost never do because I have so very few photos of myself. I am gonna take care of that tho. I need to get in more shots. My great grandkiddos are not gonna know what I look like. LOL!

K, the dare was to create a list and a list is what I did. It's a random list of things I *dig* at the moment! Enjoy! Mo


Suzelle said…
It is FABULOUS !!!!!
Awesome lo! Really love the index lo you did.
Reen said…
So awesome!! Love those kinds of challenges. Great LO about you!!
Ubergoober said…
Awesome Mo! I love those effer dares! Makes you scrap out of the box more. Fantastic work as always woman!

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