I Have a Confession...

I do not like breakfast food. :O I don't know what it is really. I'm just not a fan. I would much rather eat real food like pasta, pizza, Chinese food...pretty much anything that was leftover from dinner the night before. LOL!

A bowl of cereal just doesn't do it for me. I loathe soggy cereal. I don't like milk. And, I'm hungry an hour after I eat a bowl of Cheerios.

Can't have eggs every day for breakfast now can we? There's this little thing called cholesterol that we have to be aware of. :/

Pancakes? Eh Waffles? Ain't nobody got time for that on a random Tuesday morning. ;) Although, over the weekend, my sweet daughter made pumpkin Belgian waffles for us. YUM!

Now, that's not to say that I don't eat at all. I mean a girl's gotta eat to function right? And, I teach preschool, so I need lots of energy to keep up with those 3 and 4 year olds.

So, what do I eat then? In the warmer months, I drink lots of smoothies. I us…

What I'm Wearing Lately

Happy Hump Day Y'all!!!

Today I'm sharing what I've been wearing lately. I love to see what others are wearing. I check Instagram and can't wait to get inspired by what everyone else is wearing.

Lately I have been having a serious moment with printed blouses and colorful cardigans. Oh my. As a preschool teacher, I really can't wear things that are too fancy or restrictive. I have to get down on the floor everyday for circle time and we paint like we are Picasso. LOL But, I still like to look cute. My go to look is skinny jeans, cute flats, printed tops and colorful cardigans. I picked them up at an assortment of stores ... Loft, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, GAP, and Old Navy. All very affordable.

Here is what I'm talking about...

What do you think? I'd love to hear some ideas from you guys. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Happy Monday!

Good Monday Morning! I woke up to an unexpected day off. A crazy rain storm blew through here last night and early this morning causing downed trees, impassable roads and power outages so school got cancelled! I am now happily sipping on my second cup of coffee while laundry is going. I like to use these bonus days to catch up on chores and also do some fun stuff like reading.

I am currently reading this book...

It's my first Kristin Higgins book and I am loving it! I hope to finish it up today so I can start my new book..

As I told you guys on Friday, I am hooked on Leah's show on A&E about Scientology so I thought I would pick up her book. I know a couple of people who read it and couldn't put it down. If you are interested, I picked mine up yesterday at Barnes & Noble. It was on the bargain shelf for $6.98. I am a member and they were having member days this weekend so I got an additional 20% off. While I was there, I also picked up a couple of Christma…

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I'm a little late with my Friday Faves. It's been a week. But, let's move onto something good. Here goes...

I'm linking up with my girls. Andrea, Erika and Narci.

First up is my new favorite show:

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Oh my Word! I was perusing the channels a few weeks ago and I came across an episode of this show and I was immediately mesmerized. I quickly binge watched season 1 and I'm all caught up. They are currently on Season 2. I never knew anything about Scientology. I mean nothing. After watching the show, I feel like I can have an intelligent conversation about the "church" and it's practices, policies and beliefs. I love exposes and investigative type shows so it's no surprise I am completely hooked on it. Leah and Mike Rinder, both former Scientologists, go around and expose some of the "church's" less than honorable practices and policies. They talk to former Scientologists, …

Scarecrow Crunch

A couple of days ago, Andrea from posted a blog entry where she created this super cute snack idea she did with her kiddos. It had math and sorting and following directions and it looked FUN! I immediately thought about how much my preschoolers would love doing it too.

On Fridays, we usually do something food related. We always try to incorporate learning in there as well. Counting, sorting, measuring, taking turns, etc...

I made a few adjustments and called our snack mix Scarecrow Crunch. Here are some photos I took...

I created bag toppers becaues I'm a crafter at heart and it's what I do. LOL!

Then to keep the mess to a minimum, I put the snack size plastic bags inside cups labeled with each child's name on it. Another learning tool ... name recognition. Each child had to find the cup with his or her name on it.

Then I organized the ingredients on brown butcher paper and put the number (the amount of each snack ingredient) directly under …

What I Wore

Hello there. Long time no see. Today I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore.

It's been a horrible May weather wise here in NY. It's been cold and rainy I am barely motivated to get dressed let alone look cute. :/

But, today was different. The sun came out and temps were above 60! Can I get an amen?! :)

I wore this cute tee from Anthroplogie. It comes in several colors. I bought yellow. I never wear yellow. I dislike the color yellow so much. But, I was shopping with my daughter and it just so happens to be her favorite color. It has the cutest little ruffle hem. I paired with skinny jeans, clogs and my favorite boho accessories... Twine & Twig necklace and Farmgirl Paints cuff.

And, I always create a scrabpook layout of my favorite looks for the month using the Becky Higgins Project Life App right on my phone or ipad.

Here is April's layout...

I'm hoping the weather starts to warm up around here so I can wear all th…

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I'm on spring break and the weather has cooperated very nicely! ;)

We started warming up a few days ago and It's been really nice not to have bundle up.

On Sunday, I wore a t shirt dress and leggings from Forever 21. Although it was 65, I'm a wimp so I topped it with my Old Navy denim jacket that I got for $3.00 at a local thrift store and this cute little flamingo pin was $1.00 at Walmart. :)

I've even started to bust out the white jeans!!!

Monday was a glorious sunny 70 something day. I wore this new top I got off the Target clearance rack. I paid just over $10.00. I love the dusty rose color.

And, yesterday it was over 80 and sunny. It was time to break out the sandals and a sleeveless top. I bought this Anthropologie top over the winter and have been dying for it to get warm enough so I could finally wear it. It was on clearance for $20.00! Red is my favorite color and I love that the pattern has turquoise in it. I was abl…